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 Desired Jobs - Read Before Applying

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PostSubject: Desired Jobs - Read Before Applying   Mon Feb 02, 2009 9:42 pm

We're currently seeking mage jobs with BRD being our most desired job. We're full on tanks. Recruitment for melee DD is very limited. We're only accepting exceptional melee DD.

WAR - Open, low priority

MNK - Closed

WHM - Open, Very high priority

BLM - Open, Very high priority

RDM - Open, High priority

THF - Closed Very High priority for THF with Assassin's Armlets

PLD - Closed

DRK - Open, low priority Very High priority for DRK with either Kraken Club, Ridill, or Mercurial Kris

BST - Closed

RNG - Open, High priority

BRD - Open, Highest priority

SMN - Open, High priority

SAM - Open, low priority

NIN - Closed

DRG - Closed

BLU - Closed

COR - Open, low priority

PUP - Closed

SCH - Open, low priority

DNC - Closed
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Desired Jobs - Read Before Applying
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