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 Kimura Rules

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PostSubject: Kimura Rules   Kimura Rules Icon_minitimeThu Feb 05, 2009 12:14 am

I. Leadership

* Leader: Beerbeer
* Officers: Gravekeeper, Hiat, and Woohoo

II. General Rules

* Members must follow what Beerbeer and officers say.
* Beerbeer and officers hold the right to change Kimura rules at any time.
* Kimura linkpearl must be worn at all times.

III. Lotting

* Beerbeer and officers decide who lots.
* Attendance, main job, and contribution to Kimura determines who lots.
* No member may lot unless told to by Beerbeer or an officer.

IV. Events

* Members must attend all events made mandatory by Beerbeer or an officer while online.

V. Kimura Bank

* Beerbeer and officers handle Kimura Bank.
* Kimura Bank pays for all linkshell events.
* Every other big money drop is sold by Beerbeer or an officer for Kimura Bank.
* All synthesis materials from camps are sold for Kimura Bank.

VI. Schedule(Times Are EST)
* Monday: Dynamis 7pm
* Tuesday: Limbus 7pm
* Wednesday: Sky/Sea 7pm
* Thursday: ZNM 7pm
* Friday: Freeday
* Saturday: Limbus 7pm
* Sunday: Freeday
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Kimura Rules
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